Defining Our Approach

Comprehensive + Collaborative Techniques

We skillfully integrate test data, observations, and information from interviews to formulate a recommendation plan and then collaborate with colleagues, parents, and teachers to ensure the best fit intervention.

Our doctors personally complete all assessments at Greenville Assessment and Learning Specialists; we do not utilize psychometrists, teachers, or psychological testing "technicians." When selecting services for your child, be sure to ask if all testing will be completed by a licensed doctoral-level psychologist. As a small local business, we are able to provide a more personal and best practice service. Compare our prices to other practices; you will likely discover that our services are more affordable.

We Observe

We Test

We Interview

We Plan

A comprehensive approach

We are well trained and experienced in both the art and the science of assessment, allowing us to skillfully integrate test data, observations, and information gleaned through clinical interviews to arrive at a thoughtful conclusion and recommendation plan. Our professional practice requires that we embrace evidenced based interventions and approaches to address the needs of the children and families we see.

A Collaborative Approach

Our approach to assessment is collaborative. With three full-time psychologists and one part-time psychologist in the office, we have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to help ensure the most accurate diagnoses and thoughtful, comprehensive plan. We also seek to collaborate with parents, teachers, and other interventionists to obtain the most thorough, accurate picture of each client’s unique strengths and weaknesses. With many years in the Greenville area, we collaborate with a range of skillful educators, health care, and other professionals to provide appropriate referrals within the community. This helps to ensure the best fit for intervention and to make sure that recommendations are implemented seamlessly following the assessment. As such, we collaborate on multiple levels to provide the best care possible.