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Laura Beamer, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Laura Beamer completed an undergraduate degree at Furman University with a double major in psychology and sociology. She has always been interested, not just in individuals, but also the systems and larger contexts in which they live, struggle, and flourish. Subsequently, she pursued graduate training in clinical health psychology at Appalachian State University where her master’s thesis looked at the implications of diagnostic labeling on a child. After that she obtained her doctorate degree from East Tennessee State University where her dissertation analyzed ways to improve quality of life for parents of children with autism. In the interest of pursuing a career in clinical assessment, Dr. Beamer went on to complete a post-doctoral fellowship at Prisma Department of Psychology where she specialized in neurodevelopmental disorders and assessing children with complex medical conditions. Fortunately, her career has opened up opportunities for continued learning such as with her participation in clinical trials and the natural history study for individuals with Fragile X (FORWARD) and obtaining research reliability in the ADOS-2, the gold-standard assessment tool for autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Beamer loves her work and looks forward to making the assessment process enjoyable and accessible to children and their families at Greenville Assessment. Her aim is always to provide a plethora of usable recommendations so that every child feels capable and successful. In her non-work life, she is the proud mama to two wonderful boys and two spirited goldendoodles. Hobbies include yoga and barre, spending time with her family, and reading.